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Solar Power for Your Home

Rooftop or ground mounted solar panels generate clean power and reduce your electricity bills, often for $0 down, producing a net savings from year 1. In addition, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve protected yourself against coming rate increases.

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Climate Legislation and an Aging Grid

California’s Public Utilities Commission, which regulates rates for California’s major utilities, has approved rate hikes accross the board over the coming years due to increased climate legislation and the high cost of rennovating an aging delivery system (or “grid”).

However, these cost increases are NOT distributed evenly amongst all consumers of electricity.

While tiers one and two are highly regulated and experience relatively small increases over time, tiers 3-5 are much more volatile with prices nearly doubling in less than ten years in some cases.

This means that users of these upper tiers (designated as “high net consumers” by the utilities) are paying far more of the cost increases than consumers that stay in the lower tiers of consumption or who have special discounts, as noted by a government watchdog reporting on climate change legislation and the coming rate increases.

“Although low-income electricity customers and some with certain medical conditions are shielded from high costs, those who do not benefit from those protections... effectively subsidize those who consume less.”

“...some will unduly bear the burden of the inevitable rate increases more than others”

Rewiring California: Integrating Agendas for Energy Reform, December 2012, Little Hoover Commission

Solar Saves

A solar system from Progressive Energy Solutions provides relief where you need it the most, because our solar systems eliminate usage in the higher tiers first.

“Stress in the institutional structure of California’s electricity system can already be observed...Electric utilities are forecasting increased costs and rates after decades of relative stablility.”

“Rising [utility] costs in the residential sector are set to fall on a narrow base of customers whose incomes and consumption exceed rate protection but who do not install rooftop PV panels.”

Renewable and Distributed Power in California, Nov, 2012, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Even a small system will provide an unparalleled return on investment, while a whole-home system will provide stability and security for you and your family for decades to come.

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