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 Clean efficient energy solutions for your home, family and business.

Never in our Countries History have we been more reliant on Green Clean Energy and Energy use reduction. Solar installations have reached record levels. Cities now require energy efficient roofing, Progressive Energy Solutions will show you what all the fuss is about, but with rebates and incentives expiring, time is running out.

Call for a free home evaluation to see if Progressive is a fit for you. We’ll answer all your questions about net metering, ROI, the fitness of your roof, financing, and more.

Solar Electric

Solar installations have reached record levels. Progressive Energy Solutions will show you what all the fuss is about, but with rebates and incentives expiring, time is running out.

Roofing Upgrades

Let Us Protect your home from above, with Energy Efficent Roofing.

Battery Backup

Protect your family and your home in case of power outages.

Water Conservation

Artificial Turf, Drought Resistant Landscaping contact us for your options.

Painting & Exterior

Energy Efficient Paints and siding.

Energy Efficient Windows

Replacement Windows are both beautiful and energy efficent.


Energy Efficient and Friendly Construction

Specializing in energy efficient upgrades


The Newest Technology

Only the best and most advanced products, warranties and equipment are good enough for our clients


High Quality Construction Management

Customer service and communication are our priority

Your Trusted Energy Contractor

It doesn’t make sense till it makes sense for you. Our one and only goal is to provide what is best for our clients. If it doesn’t make sense you will not be telling us no we will be telling you no
Don’t believe us just check what our clients say about us.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 17 years

When chosing Progressive Energy Solutions, Inc  you have the peace of mind knowing we have been in business longer than our competion. We are here to stay serving our clients longer than most others.

Client Testimonials

“I called Tyler and he showed up with a mask and My wife and I Instantly knew he had respect for his clients. Tyler and the person that came with him were patient answered all of our questions, and when he did not know the answer he got the answer from another professional. Tyler’s expertise and availability was spot on…we could call anytime and ask questions and he never onced rushed us…..He came peiodically to check on the progression of the roof work and he would ask “Did the crew clean up” and he would tell us what time the would arrive the next day., Of course you should check behind the crew…..we did find one area of work that challenged us ….We called Tyler and he took care of it with no problem . Progressive energy solutions also installs solar panels, well we already had solar panels up and they knew exactly how to take them off and put them back up and they did a good job. The crews were always polite and nice. Progressive energy solutions were fair in their pricing and they found out things that were wrong with our roof and did not charge us for correcting it. This company also does not nickle and dime you throughout the process……they asked for much less than 10 percent to start and they did not ask for the rest until the roof was complete. I would work with Tyler and progressive energy solutions again and I would highly recommend them…..The owner also came and checked on us also.”

Ted Williams

“”We had a neighbor hit a baseball and damage one of our solar panels. David with Progressive got back to me right away with a quote and gave us same day repair service. The installation went flawlessly and the price was fair. I highly recommend David for solar and I plan to use him should we ever need maintenance in the future.
Lee D.

“David is awesome! Tried walking me through steps to fix my solar not reporting and when it still wouldn’t work he came out right away! Very professional and nice. Thank you!!!”

Rae T.

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